Saturday, August 16, 2008

The other siding

I replaced the siding on the right side of the front today. I drove out to Sunbury Cedar this morning, to get the cedar. It took pretty much the rest of the day to prep and put on the siding. I used wood preservative, and back primed it. I made a little story pole when we did the other side, so I reused it, the spacing seems pretty good. It was scorching hot today, so that's why there's an umbrella in the picture.
Here the progress on the left side. I bought a scraper with a carbide blade, seems a lot better than the ones I've had before. That is probably 3 hours of scraping though. I think we only have to scrape up a few more shingles, that's where the aligatoring ends on the paint. I'm going to strip the middle band with the heat gun, it's douglas fir, and I don't want it to peel, like it did on the other sides. I have to start replacing some of the shingles as well. I'm hoping to have the front of the house prepped in the next couple weeks, might be a little difficult, since it's getting darker earlier now. We still need to get the paint for the shingles too.

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Kelli said...

Wow! What a big project! That cedar is going to be beautiful for a lifetime, though. Keep posting pictures of your work. I'm really interested in seeing how this is done. Thanks!