Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Around the house

We finished painting for the year, a couple weeks ago. Here's a picture of the back of the house. There's still part under the deck that we haven't painted, will have to wait until next year. I wanted to do 2 more coats of varnish on the beams as well, just ran out of summer.

I painted too late in the day, and when we came down the stairs the next day the wall was dripping with paint. I had to wipe it off with a rag. We'll be fixing that next year. I have to caulk around the windows and doors anyways.

We moved the barbeque up on to the deck. It's natural gas, and the hose was just long enough to reach from below. We figure we'll use it more when it's up on the deck. I think it's time for a new one soon, it's looking pretty haggard. I just replaced the burner, so hopefully we'll get a little more use out of it.

We trimmed the hedge and the Camilia at he back. It was long overdue, I think we waited a little long.

We got rid of the grass on one side of the front. We went and got 2 apple trees (Fuji and Honey Crisp) and a pear tree (Flemish Beauty), from Art's Nursery. The kids really enjoyed being driven around in the golf cart at the nursery.

We put a layer of cardboard down to keep the weeds down, we're going to build it up with compost and leaves. I think we used most of our compost to do one side. We're going to have to get some leaves from around the neighbourhood, since we don't have any large deciduous trees. There are lots of tree lined streets, so it shouldn't be difficult.
As well I've been working on the outdoor couch. Too late for this season, I know. I figured out that the couch is too large to assemble in the basement. All the pieces are ready, so we'll put it together in the spring. I'll take some pictures of it when I test fit all the pieces.

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