Sunday, October 12, 2008

We've got

I put up the new mailbox today. Our neighbour gave it to us, they didn't want it. We think it's from Restoration Hardware. It's been collecting dust for over 2 years in the basement. It's a pretty big mailbox, maybe designed for monster houses that get lots of mail order catalogues. I painted the front of the house around the door yesterday, it needs more work but we're running out of weather to paint in. I need to replace some shingles, and fill more holes. We're going to replace the light at the front too, the one there we have we bought when we did the electrical, just to have a sconce at the front. There was a broken ceiling light when we moved in, someone broke the original, so that the screen door would open. We're looking at the Rainier from Rejuvenation. And of course, why stop there, we'd like to get rid of our cheap wireless doorbell and replace it with something from Rejuvenation. We'll have to rewire, since all of the wiring is kind of messed up, probably why they replaced it with a wireless model.


Just A Girl And Her 1911 Craftsman Bungalow said...

I have a mailbox like this too. You'd be surprised how much stuff fits in it!

Sandy said...

I really like that last photo of the lantern!

Derek said...

The lantern photo is from Rejuvenation, hopefully we'll have one to post of our own one day.