Monday, December 8, 2008

Cedar Dining Table

It's been about a month since I finished the table, it was a birthday gift for my mum. I made it all out of western red cedar 2x6's. I ripped the curved part of the 2x6's off. Of course I had to buy a new tool to make the table. I got a DeWalt biscuit joiner, to make all the panels. This is a shot of one of the sides, without the top and bottom piece. The tenons were huge on these, I probably didn't have to make them so large, but it wasn't much more work.

Here, I glued the ends on the top. The plan didn't call for these pieces, put I like the look of the end pieces. I borrowed these big clamps from my neighbour, I'm going to have to get some nice big ones like this one day.

Even with the biscuits, the tabletop wasn't completely flat, so I used a hand plane and a belt sander to get it flatter. There wasn't much room in my shop, with such a big project.

Here's the base put together. I used the Ikea style bed bolts to attach the sides. It's supposed to have a through mortise, but I didn't think that would be strong enough with cedar.

Here is after staining...

And here it is on my mum's deck.


Jacci said...

That's gorgeous! You did a fantastic job :)

I've enjoyed browsing through your blog a bit tonight. Came across your deck posts through a houseblogs tag search. We're in the process of gathering some ideas for the deck we plan to put in when the weather warms up again. Love your railings. Deck looks great! :)

Jacci & Sam

Anonymous said...
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Derek said...

Thanks Jacci, I can't wait to enjoy the deck this summer, maybe between bouts of removing stucco...