Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Some pictures of the snow in our backyard, we had over 40cm (16") of snow already, and there's another 20cm (8") in the forecast. It's been record breaking cold too, it was -15 celcius the other day (7 fahrenheit). Good thing I have the week off, I spent half the day shovelling yesterday. I was walking to work in the snow before my time off started, since I'm not comfortable riding my bike in the snow and ice (even with my studded snow tires),

There's a lot of snow on the cedar hedge, I knocking it off later in the day. Last year the heavy snow broke a lot of the branches.

Here's a picture of the park behind our house. There's a small hill for tobogganing. You can see the mountains in the background as well.

Here's the playhouse buried in snow. I should be working on the inside of the house on my time off, but I need to buy some 2x4's and other stuff, and haven't felt up to is, so the projects can wait until after Christmas.


Fratzels said...

Looks like our backyard! I hope things slow down a bit or it will be a VERY long winter!


StuccoHouse said...

Its a big hassle, but the snow sure does look pretty, doesn't it!

Derek said...

It is hassle, especially since we're all sick with the flu, and have to shovel more snow. At least I don't have to drive anywhere for Christmas.