Thursday, January 29, 2009

Working on the Workshop

Here's a picture of the floor after scraping, and with the primer on it. I scraped all the old paint off with a carbide scraper. Most of it was already loose and peeling. I didn't get all of it off, and they say to get it all off. We'll see if it makes a difference. After scraping, I used the degreaser, it was really hard to rince off. They say for best results, to wash it off with a pressure washer. Well, I'm not going to use a pressure washer in the basement. So it took me over an hour to rinse and clean if off with a bucket and mop. Next came the primer which was relatively simple. The work bench is still in there, because it was too wide to fit through the door. I'll have to move it, and then do that part later.

Here's all the stuff from the shop, in an adjacent room. Including my new band saw.

Here's a shot of the power tool bench. The floor colour is called Fedora. It looks good with the wall colour, Mochachino. It looks a lot better than the red and tan that was on there before.

I still have some drywalling to do, I want to get the foam covered since it's not that safe. There's some pipes in the way though, and we're planning on replacing the main pipe to the house, so we'll have to be doing all that soon enough. As well, we're supposed to have 3/4" pipe to the water heater, so we have to do a bit of plumbing. Once the walls are done, I can start hanging and organizing everything properly. Hopefully we'll have a working workshop soon enough.

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