Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Foyer Light

We just put it up last night, it's from Rejuvenation. It's a Timberline pendant. Deb helped me put it up, I didn't want to drop it. The escutcheon doesn't quite touch the ceiling, I guess the box is sticking out a little too far (only about 1/8"). We got a good deal on it, because they had a sale on them with the energy efficient bulbs. We planned on using them anyways, so it wasn't a big deal. Our dollar isn't doing that well, so it was still expensive though.

Here's the old light in it's new place. I don't know if this light is original to the house or not. The wiring seems old, it's all braided wire, so I rewired it while I had it down. I put new bulb holders in as well. It's a really hard light to get on, and I got more than a little frustrated. I finally got the holes to line up.

I've been working on the basement floor as well. I've been feathering out the patch I did earlier with a topping. I used a concrete primer, and bonding concrete topping. I don't have the concrete trowel I used to have, so I had to make due with a tiling trowel. It looks better than it did. I'm scraping the floor, it has a few coats of paint on it. I'm using a carbide scraper, and I've got it about half scraped. I have to wait a while to prime and paint the floor anyways, until the concrete cures. It's a faster curing concrete, so a couple weeks should be good. I forgot to get primer when I got the paint, so I need to go back and get that anyways. I finished one of the shelves and things are getting more organized down there. Hopefully it'll be cleaned up enough to start some new projects (or finish off some of the ones that are already started).


Fargo said...

That new light is a beauty. It's amazing how much those little things can make a difference. Just replacing the light in our front hall really changed the feel of the space.

Derek said...

My 5 year old son is enamoured with the light as well, we turns it on everytime he walks by.

johnexist said...

That's a nice idea that you replaced the old one. That new light is more beautiful and nice to look at than previous one.