Sunday, March 29, 2009

Living Room Painted

I finished painting the living room yesterday. We used the Benjamin Moore Ecospec paint, a cheaper low voc paint. It's a custom colour that will match the wallpaper that's going on one wall. The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown and it's called Sophia-Pebble. We should probably order it now, before it's discontinued. We still have to pull the ceiling down and do the box beam ceiling before we wallpaper, which won't be for at least a year. The paint seems just as good as regular Benjamin Moore. I think they gave us a discount at the store, since we buy a lot of paint off of them, it was cheaper than Behr paint. Since we spend so much time in this room though, we thought we should give it some TLC. I've taken the 2 remaining baseboards off, for some reason one of the P.O. took off the nice trim, and put in crappy smaller trim on a couple walls, including trim made out of plywood around one door. The one baseboard is about 15' long, the other just over 12', and they're both 8" high.

It took around 3 hours to heat gun most of the paint off. There's a really strange undercoat that's really sticky and thick. It dissolves with methyl hydrate, so it's shellac based. There's the trim around the front window to strip, and the stool of the piano window. Someone cut the stool smaller on that window, so I'm going to have to make the trim a little smaller, so it doesn't look weird. I need to redo the trim on 2 of the doorways as well, I bought most of the wood for that already. The top piece of trim is 6/4 fir, so I need to go to a different place to get that. We need quite a bit of the 6/4 in other rooms too, because someone cut them all shorter, to make it easier to wallpaper, geniuses. We ordered some more Waterlox to varnish the trim. We got enough to do the floors upstairs, we'll see if the gloss is too much for downstairs. We're going to try and re-shellac the living room floor, since it's going to be a while until we have time to sand them down. I 'm going to clean the floor with de-natured alcohol, and then add a coat of shellac. The floors still have the original shellac, but they aren't in the best condition, there are a couple stained areas that might have to be replaced.

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