Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some New Trim

I put the existing baseboards back on, on the weekend. We took them off to strip them and varnish them. The fit isn't perfect I noticed, I guess it's from the house settling, I'm sure the fit was tighter when the house was built. I didn't think of fixing it until it was nailed back on. I guess I'll live with it.
I started on the trim around the door today. I need to buy wood for the header, it's a full inch thick, so it's a little harder to find. I didn't really want to cut down 1.5", seems like a waste. I need to fix the plaster on the wall to the right, it was difficult getting the existing baseboard off. I got the baseboard on to the left. I can see that the wall isn't very flat where I fixed it, there's a lot of gaps between the wall and the baseboard. I don't think I have enough paint left to repaint if I repair it now. I'm going to repair it when we tear the ceiling off in a couple years. I have a lot of small repairs I'd like to do to the walls.

I got a pretty big splinter from the fir, while refinishing the door frame. Fir can be really splintery, depending on the orientation of the grain. I have a few days off work (unplanned, so I'll have to make up the time), so I'm going to see how much I can get done this week. I'm going to see about getting the 6/4" fir tomorrow, and we're going to look in to getting windows for the front and french doors for the dining room.


Rae said...

You might consider quarter round to cover the gap between the baseboards and the floor. Not sure if the qtr rnd is big enough, but it's a possibility (and it's really easy to install).


Derek said...

We plan on putting 1/4 round on once the floors are refinished(there's a piece of it lying on the floor in the first picture, that needs to be stripped). I just don't want to put it on, and have to take it off again.

I tried getting the 6/4 fir today, seems like it's hard to get, so I'll have to mill my own.