Sunday, May 3, 2009

Muskoka Chairs Stained

I've been working 70 hour weeks, so I haven't been doing much on the house. It was a nice day so I sanded these down, and gave them a coat of Sikkens Cetol. I'll probably give them another coat, not today though. They look good for $50 chairs. I think they're a mixture of pine and some thing tropical. Looks like Phillipines mahogany maybe on the arms. They had some mold and mildew on them from sitting out last summer and fall. We did bring them in for the winter.

Here's my helper posing in front of the chairs. He didn't like sanding much. Seemed to like the staining part better. I didn't want him to end up with it all over him though. He kept me company while I was working. Was nice to spend some time outside, after being couped up in the office all week.

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