Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Bedroom Windows

Here we are this morning, with the old aluminum window taken out. Someone took out the centre of the frame to put in the aluminum one. So the first thing I had to do was remake some of the pieces. You can't see it in the picture, but it was really windy this morning. The door kept slamming...

Here's the frame primed with the new pieces I added back in. The sill is 9 degrees, so I had to match the angle, and rabbet it out. For some reason I measured the window wrong, it ends up that the old ones were 30 1/4" wide, instead of 30. I had to cut the stool a bit, and rabbet out 1/4" on the top, and 1/2" on the bottom. I used an old baseboard I had for the pieces.

Here are the windows in. They didn't take too long to put in, after everything was prepped. The jambs are vinyl, and there are clips that hold them in. The sashes pop in after you get the jambs in.

Here they are from the outside. I still have to do the trim for the middle. The original was 5/4" fir, the piece needs to be 7 1/2" wide. I was going to use cedar to get the full thickness, I may have to biscuit join 2 pieces to get the width. I still have to fix the sill, it has some rot, so it'll need epoxy.

Hopefully we'll get the living room side done next week, I'll be twice as many frame pieces to rebuild, since it has 3 windows. The windows are Marvin sash replacements, in douglas fir. We have to stain the outside with Sikkens, and the inside with Waterlox. Oh and I still haven't built those window planters...

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