Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dining Room Walls

It seems like we've been working on this room forever. We put new french doors in, during the summer. I drywalled the one wall with the doors, after shimming it to make it plumb. It was an inch out of plumb. There was a large patch on the wall shared with the bathroom, I think someone did that ripping out the medicine cabinet. Too bad, now I have to build my own cabinet to replace it. The plaster of paris patch they did was falling out, so I re-did it using concrete fill. We removed 4 layers of wallpaper, and I think 2 from the ceiling. It took days to get it off, and there's still glue residue left on the walls. Probably can just sand and prime.

Here's another view, with the constuction cat checking the progress... There's oak parquet flooring over the fir floor. I took some off to remove the trim, using the heat gun. Looks like it's in good shape, will take a while to remove though. There was a fir picture rail about an 1" from the top of the wall. We're going to strip all the trim, and then put it back on.

Here's the wall after 4 coats. Need s a little more work, then I'll be ready to sand. We're going to build bookcases to go beside the doors on each side.

I found this in the vent today. It's a cast metal cowboy, that says "made in england" on the bottom. I found a set on the internet with the same cowboy, with a different paint job.

They want $42 for the whole set, so not really valuable. It's always fun to find stuff in the walls, gives the house some history. We've found something in almost every room.


Fred said...

I love finding stuff from the P.O.'s of our house... We leave little messages in many of our home improvements so that if people ever have to "undo" something they find them. Fun to think about someone in 20, or even 50 years opening up a wall and finding our little note.

P.S. love the french door installation post.

Derek said...

Fred - we found a 1960's hockey card in the basement wall. When we finished the basement, we put it back with a note, describing how we found it there... found a 1925 penny in another wall, must have been lost there when they were building the house.