Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dining Room progressing

Here's how the dining room looked on Christmas eve, just before we moved the furniture back in. We pretty happy with how the floor turned out. I did most of it with an edger, and then a belt sander. Since the room is so small, it didn't make sense to use a full sized sander. The edger is a little tricky to use, and I wasn't too happy with how the floor wasn't sanding flat, so I switched to my belt sander, once the finish was off. The floor had a glued down parquet floor that I removed first. It now has 4 coats of Waterlox, the last 2 are glossy.

Here's a picture of the picture rail, it was a lot or work stripping all the paint off of it. We put it back where it was originally, had to trim it a little, since we made the wall with the doors plumb, and did some plaster repair in the corners. We're going to get some picture rail hooks from Rejuvenation, or something similar. We're going to replace the window with a double hung replacement. We have to take the frame out to make it plumb. The top piece of trim was cut down by a previous owner, so we need to replace that too.

Another picture of the picture rail. We have to wait for warmer weather to finish varnishing the doors, so it's green tape for now. You can see the finished speakers at the back. It was nice playing Christmas music during Christmas dinner.

Here's the new air return vent I made. There was an oak one, it was little too big (the trim was less than 1/2" at the top), so I made a new one out of fir. It was a little fussy to make. I glued and nailed in all the vertical pieces, then rabbetted a groove for the 2 centre pieces on the tablesaw. It's on the wall again, but it needs to be varnished. I need to finish the heat vent, I've stripped most of the paint off. We're going to paint it gloss black like the one in the hallway. I think it has some kind of brass plate finish before. It's now the most complete room on the main floor. We have to finish the window, the built-ins we have planned, and the computer closet. So still a long way to go, but we're really happy with it.


deb said...

yes, you were nice to play music on christmas

Leslie said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your blog! Maybe I missed a previous post, but can I ask where you got that light fixture? I love it! Also really like that wall color.

Derek said...

Leslie - Deb made the light after taking a stained glass class. I think it's a Frank Lloyd Wright design (or inspired by)

David - said...
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