Friday, February 26, 2010

Bedroom renovation progress

This room had a bad reno done by the previous owner. He ripped out the old plaster, and replaced it with a horrible drywall job, and sub-standard electrical work. The drywall on the ceiling was hung the wrong way, and some of the joints were hanging between joists. He ripped out the closet on the dining room side to make one large closet. He filled in the floor with some door trim, and a hockey stick. There were no closet doors, and he just stuck some carpet to cover his handiwork on the floor. The vapour barrier didn't have any acoustic sealant, and was taped with packing tape. The insulation job wasn't great either, so I tore it back to the studs. It took longer than I though, a couple days to do the demo.

Here I am doing the new electrical. He had the wires almost at the bottom, and chiseled the corners, with no protection plates. The room had 3 circuits too, when one is sufficient for one room.

Here it is down to the studs. I couldn't get he electrical through the corners, so I ran it across the top.

Here we are with 2 coats of mud. I need to get a new sill for the window, since the previous owner cut it off, to make it easier to install drywall. I have to replace all the trim, since it was all missing. We're going to build a bench along the window, and bookcases on the sides.

Here's the closet filled back in. We're going to build a build-in for the closet, with drawers on the bottom, and doors on the top. The closet on the dining room side is going to be a mini office. We're going to have the computer in there. Hopefully we'll be able to prime tomorrow, or Monday. We're planning wallpaper on the back wall opposite the door, and we're matching colours from the wallpaper for the walls and ceiling. We need to sand and varnish the floor as well, maybe next weekend.

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