Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bedroom painted

We've slowed down a lot since I've gone back to work. We did get some paint on the walls. We had the paint matched to 2 colours on the wallpaper. I wasn't sure if I liked the blue coloured ceiling at first, it just seemed too saturated and artificial. It's starting to grow on me now though. We're going to be building a built-in for the closet, drawers on the bottom, and hung clothes on the top. On the wall with the windows, we're going to add some built in bookcases and a bench under the window. I can't really do all the baseboards and trim, until I have those in place. We do plan on sanding the floor. I was going to do it this weekend, but my back was too sore. I did the dining room with just the edger. A 10x12' room is a little small for a full sized sander. I started mudding the closet, we're going to line it with cedar, so I'm just doing 2 coats, then we'll prime it, and maybe paint it. I probably won't do cedar above the shelf, so it needs to look okay. Hopefully we can move back in, in a couple weeks, once the floor is sanded and varnished.

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