Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ripping shingles

I've been busy at work on the side of the house, all the stucco is now removed, so now only the east side has stucco. I haven't been blogging much about the progress, since we've blogged about the stucco removal a number of times. Today I ripped out all the shingles that had holes, from when they insulated the house. There was another one that was rotten, the only rotten shingle I've found so far, and a couple that were in bad condition. If I replaced all the ones that are cracked, I'd have to replace almost the whole side, so the cracked ones stay for now.

Here's some of the holes, under the piano window in the living room I've stripped some of the paint using a heat gun. We ordered a Silent Paint Remover so I'm just removing nails, and fixing shingles until it comes.

The upstairs bedroom window is still covered, it just seems safer moving the 36' ladder with the window covered, since it's so heavy and awkward. The eletrical service entrance is in an awkward place too, it's been difficult to work around.

Also Deb and I got married in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago, here we are at the garden in the Bellagio.

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River Watson said...

Congratulations! We were married September 2, 2010! How exciting!