Sunday, February 6, 2011

milling more wood

I cut up an old 2x6 that I had to make some panels for the cupboard doors. They're almost 1/2", I'm going to plane them down to 1/4". There's are quite a few nail holes in them, we're going for a rustic look in the basement. One board split, so I had to glue it back together. I need to joint the boards as well, I'm going to set up the router table to do this, since I don't have the space or budget for a jointer. I'm falling behind on this project, I spent all of today trying to repair our espresso machine.

The shower screen broke off, and the screw was stripped, so I had to get an impact driver, to remove it. It's like a screw driver that you hit with a hammer, and turn at the same time. I got the screw off, but it took a long time to put the machine back together properly, and it still has problems. The tank was leaking (I had to take it apart, to get to the shower screen). Now the coffee isn't coming out of the portafilter (the part you put the coffee in). It just builds up pressure, and leaks around where the filter attaches. It frustrating, and the portafilter is $70. Our neighbours have a Saeco as well, so we might borrow theirs, to see if that fixes the problem. I guess I'll just leave it for now. Hopefully I can get the doors put together soon... and start on the doors.

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