Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweatin' Bullets Sweatin' Copper

Plumbing isn't really my thing. Having to sweat copper pipes in a confined space, surrounded by flamable materials makes me nervous. I used a doubled up piece of galvanized metal, and I still burnt the wall and cabinet a bit. I had a leak on the first attempt as well, I think the pipe was a little out of round, so I cut a bit more pipe off, and then it worked the second time. Well after getting all the water out of the pipes. Cutting the pipes off with the cabinet in place, wasn't fun either, I had a towel, but it was difficult to get a container under the pipes as the water leaked out.
The Ikea faucet has a strange connector, so I need to use a 1/2" brass coupling to attach the hose to a normal hose, that fits on the 3/8" valve. I had to do the same in the powder room. Now to finish off the cabinets.

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