Sunday, April 17, 2011

backyard work

Here is the rain barrel we got a few weeks ago. I added the overflow pipe today. Bought the wrong pipe the first time, so back to the store. The 1" pipe said 1" 25mm and I read it as 1.25". It doesn't have much water in it considering all the rain we've been having, time to check the gutters, there much be something clogging them somewhere. We don't have big trees, so I usually only clean them every 2 years.
 I finished working on the drainage pit for the floor drains from the back door. I had to extend the clean out by 7", and dig the pit at the very back or the yard. I lined the pit with landscape fabric, and filled it with broken concrete and gravel. We have 2 other similar pits, I had to redo the floor drain one, I straightened the run, and used 3" pipe, hopefully it won't clog now.
I replanted the grass, hopefully it doesn't take too long to come in.
A picture off the deck at sunset, the tree in the park is fully in bloom, and our camelia too.


Leslie @ NE Portland Bungalow said...

You're getting so much done! I feel so inspired :-) Great work!

Derek said...

It doesn't feel like we're getting a lot done... hopefully we'll pick up speed when the weather improves. Should be an interesting Spring and Summer.