Sunday, April 24, 2011

Half-Blind and Organized

 Half-blind dovetails that is. These are the first ones I've attempted, besides the few practice ones I did. I'm pretty happy for a first attempt. It sure is time consuming doing them by hand, I don't know how many hours it took me to just do one drawer. This one is for the basement, 3 more to go for these cabinets. The most difficult part I had was marking the lines, if you make more than one line by accident (I used a marking knife), it's hard to know which one to follow. I still have to make the bottom of the drawer, which will be 1/4" plywood. I have to figure out how the bottom slides work too, I can't see how you could screw them to 1/4" plywood, since it's so thin. Might have to double up a strip in the middle.

Deb bought a bunch of hangers for the garden tools, and I helped her hang them. The area we call "the shed" is under the kitchen nook. I added a 1x4, to screw the hangers in to. It's a lot easier to get in to the shed now, even with the kids bikes. I cleaned out the back gutter as well, we'll see if our rain barrel fills better now. There aren't any big trees around, if was more of a sludge in the gutters. I'll clean the front ones in the fall, since we already have a garden planted, so they're hard to get at, at the moment.

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