Monday, June 27, 2005

Colour Me Crazy Weekend

According to Behr, "The eye can see over 7 million colours, so why would I paint with just one?" Derek and I picked out some colours for the playhouse using Behr's online colour picker. After work on Friday he went to Home Depot to pick up the paints. Out of all the colours in the display, the ones we chose weren't there. Thinking quickly on the spot, Derek picked out "Cherry Cobbler" which is a beautiful deep red, slightly on the blue side. We already have an exterior black and only need a pint (or litre or whatever that small size is called) of a light coffee colour- not yet picked out.

Red always looks pink in the can. I know this. Derek knows this. Still, opening up the can of "cherry cobbler" and seeing fushia kinda freaks you out a bit. Two coats of paint are now on the playhouse (formerly known as the helicopter landing pad) and it's getting darker, but because we didn't use a tinted primer (DAMN!) I've got another 2-4 coats left to do. If the weather wasn't so unpredictable this past weekend, and we weren't so busy with all things family oriented, I'm sure it would have been finished. Who am I kidding...?! I just read that back LMAO!!!

Derek's Dad Richard came on Saturday morning with his pressure washer to help clean the fence and railing so it can be stained in a month or so. Surprisingly, my plants didn't get damaged! Thank you! They rigged up this contraption that worked like a breeze!

My parents came on Saturday evening for dinner and to watch Seth while Derek and I took Ella to her ballet recital, which was fantastic! I'm so proud of our girl! Even though another dancer was doing her "sailing boats" (sitting on the floor, stretch one arm from the floor to over your head, repeat with the other arm) opposite her, their hands and heads almost smacking, Ella kept her cool and remembered the moves, all while giving Jesse a WTF look. Funny thing is is that I don't really know which one was going opposite!

Sunday Derek was working on the hole in the basement. There was a community BBQ in the park at noon where I found out that one of my classmates from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario is now living only a block away! Small world.

Derek's Mom, Jan, and brother Shawn came for dinner. After the kids got put away for the night, Seth's head filled with stories of trucks and trains, Ella's with Harry Potter (book one... only one chapter left to go!) I looked out our back window to see a crowd gathering at the park...

One of the beautiful old trees had a very, very large branch fall! It wasn't windy. It hadn't been raining since the morning. I phoned my friend and neighbour, Jody "Queen of the Park" to find out what happened. No answer. She was already there checking things out and yelling at the older boys, one of them hers, to get off the fallen branch. I hurried over, camera in hand, along with many other neighbours, to check it out. Turns out that it was the same tree that had another large branch fall off earlier this year (or late last). Unfortunately it looks as though the entire thing has to come down- the centre of it has been rotting for many, many years and I don't think that the parents of the kids who attend the school would be none too pleased if the tree fell on one of them.

As I write this the Parks Board is there with it's cherry picker and chain saws.

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