Monday, September 12, 2005


We got the subpanel in for the basement on Saturday, Deb's dad did most of it, while we were at UBC with Seth. I got the panel from a guy I work with, who's friendly with the electricians that work next door. We had to get breakers an about 25' of 6 gauge wire, which is thicker than the stuff for electric stoves. Then it was a matter of putting a 60 amp breaker in the main panel and running the wire to the other panel. Nothing is hooked up to it yet, it's nice to have it there though.

Later on Saturday, I started ripping some of the quarter inch plywood, that seems to cover almost every surface. I found that the column we just attached the new panel to, is rotten. Not rotten right through, rotten enough to concern us though, it'll have to be replaced.

On Sunday I helped my neighbour Bill with some more concrete, to complete his room under the kitchen nook. He was already unloading the 50 bags from the truck, when I made my way over there at 10:30am. It ended up we used 37 of them, so he ended up returning the rest. It's still a lot of work to mix that many bags by hand, and I'm still feeling it.

After lunch, Deb and I put another coat of stain on the fence and back porch. I didn't quite get it all on the arbour, and we're running out of stain again. The hand rail for the porch is done, and the fence needs another coat. I fixed one of the gates beside the house, I put the diagonal piece the wrong way, and it already sagged a bunch. It still needs some adjustment, it's a lot better though.

After supper, Deb put another coat of paint on the back door. It needs some touch ups, then we can finally take off the plastic on the windows, to see the bevelled glass, I can't wait.

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Trissa said...

Good progress- having a sub panel in the basement will be great. Let's see a picture of that back door with the beveled glass all finished!