Saturday, September 10, 2005

Infant Scientist

This morning Seth had an appointment at the University of British Columbia to take part in a language development study. This wasn't his first time he'd taken part in a study. When he was 9 months old he took part in a study that recorded the brain's waves as he heard certain sounds. A few months after that he participated in another. Today's was really fun, even though he kept saying, "no!" Christie, the researcher, told Seth a little story using Groovy Kids, a truck and homemade bed and slide. She called one groovy boy a "blinkey". Christie put Blinkey in a box, on a truck, fed him from a spoon, gave him a drink from a cup, wiped his face, put him on the slide and then into bed. Then she brought out another groovy boy- a blonde one- and placed them each on little chairs. Christie asked Seth if he could pick up the blinkey and put him in the box. He did. She then asked if he could pick up "one" and make him drive the car. Seth went for the other doll. She went through all the other things that she had the blinkey do in her story, each time asking Seth to either pick up the "blinkey" or "one". Complicating things for the chubb a little, Christie then switched the blonde groovy boy for one identical to the blinkey, making sure he saw that she moved the blinkey from her right to her left. Then the story started all over again... this was the point in which he didn't want to return the truck, nor did he want to put the blinkey in the box. All that was left was to fill out a check list of all the words that he can say. Seth now has a B.A. and M.A. in Infant Science, and a P.H.D. in Word Learning.

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