Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cruising Along

We haven't been posting much, we have been getting a lot done though. Only a couple more sheets of drywall, and the basement room will be covered. We still have to do the other side of the wall, with the furnace on it though, and the laundry area. We bought some old craftsman doors on the weekend that I found on Craigslist. I got 4 of them, most of them are 3 panel, one is a 4 panel raised panel door. They don't have any hardware or hinges, and they're pretty rough, I only paid 25 bucks a piece. They should be good for the basement, since I may have to cut them down a little anyways. At least it's abused old wood, so it shouldn't be too bad of karma. I know you can buy new mortised locksets at Home Depot, I'd rather find vintage hardware though. Although, we would need deadbolts on 2 of the doors if we used the vintage hardware, so maybe we can get commercial hardware for the 2 entry doors. We still have some sanding to do an the beams before they get varnished.
The biggest obstacle to finishing this job is moving some of the plumbing. We had the floor ripped up, and added all the plumbing for the basement in the summer. Somethings aren't quite in the right place. The shower drain and the kitchen drain. The kitchen drain means ripping up a small section of the original 2" concrete, no that big of a deal. The shower is all in new concrete. I know it will all be covered in tile, it just looks so nice the new concrete, it's hard to take a hammer to it. Looks like we have a busy weekend, along with all the Christmas stuff as well.


Trissa said...

You know you can do anything when you say it isn't a big deal to rip up part of the concrete! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the drywall and the doors. Great progress-

derek said...

I guess being able to fix your mistakes is important. I've poured enough concrete now, that it's not a huge deal, not fun either though.