Tuesday, December 6, 2005

More Home Depot Frustration

If it weren't for the convenience and the hours, I think I'd boycott Home Depot. We were looking for a Schluter shower kit, it's a waterproof pan and drain system for making a tile shower. We phoned a local tile place, and they didn't have the right size (we wanted 32" x 60"), so we phoned the local Home Depot (actually Deb did). The closest one didn't have the right size, so I went to the next closest one, knowing that they have 2 the right size in stock. I go to the most logical section, where, they have all the tubs, and acrylic shower kits. I ask someone there, saying it's for building a tile shower stall. He points me to the tile section. I look around the tile section for 5-10 min. and don't see anything resembling what I'm looking for. So I go to the help desk to see if they can help. The one girl just laughs the whole time at the silly name of the product. I end up going around the store being sent from place to place, for almost an hour. The guy in flooring shows me drawings of how to build a mortar bed shower, then dumps me off in the plumbing section. I say I'm looking for a specific product, he just says it doesn't matter what brand I get. I'm looking for a specific product, so it does matter what brand I get. I remember that Deb was talking to Bernardo, we find Bernardo, and he takes me right to the shower kit. Only an hour to find something that I know they have in stock. Talk about frustration. The kit looks great, it'll save more than an hour off making the shower stall, so I suppose it was worth the hassle.


Patricia W said...

I boycotted them for years. And even now I try to avoid them. However, on the fair side, even their part time employees are given health benefits so that says a lot about the company. It still doesn't get the boobs who treat you so poorly off the hook.

saple said...

Tell me your experience with the shower pan kit it look just what I am looking for for the basement shower I want to put in..

derek said...

I'll keep everyone posted on the shower install. The kit isn't cheap, it does make the install a lot more water tight with less work. It was over $500 cdn.