Thursday, February 2, 2006

There's a New Hole in My Basement Dear Liza, pt. 2



I went to Home Depot after work to pick up the necessary plumbing fittings. I ended up using a 90 degree el and street 45. I cut the old pipe off last night, as well as making the hole bigger to see what was going on. I'm almost ready to fill it back in, and pour concrete, I picked up 2 bags of redi-mix tonight. I don't want to disturb the fittings though, I want to make sure the glue is completely dry, since every thing is plumb and almost in the perfect position. It's 12.25 inches from the wall, and we still need to tile, so that's about perfect. It's not quite centred, I think it's off by 3/4", a lot better than the 5" it was off.

Here's a rough layout of the tile and the vanity I'm thinking of making. We're thinking it will be fir, with a concrete countertop. We'll see how it holds up in the bathroom.


Scott P said...

Definitely post pictures if you do go with a concrete counter. I have been wanting to do a concrete counter for some time now. Are you planning to build a seperate mold or cast in place?

derek said...

I'm planning on doing a separate mold, it's such a small countertop. I have Fu-cheng's book, it's the bible of concrete countertop building and design. I have to build the cabinet first, so it'll be a while before the countertop gets built.