Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let the Fun Begin!

Potty training fun that is. We've started training Seth, not too diligently though since he's not even 2 1/2. Last weekend he didn't want to wear a diaper so we thought, "Okay. What's the harm in trying?" Not 20 minutes into it, and after a large cup of water I hear, "O no! I pee!" At least he knew what was happening. Dr.Phil says you can train kids to use the potty in ONE DAY. Interesting theory and we've started putting some of the practices to use. Apparently Barbie had to use the potty:


Patricia W said...

Too Funny!

Gary said...

You can train them in one day but they won't necessarily follow the training!
In the summer you can let them go around without a diaper and they will get it. Unless you put a diaper on to go out.
We bought panties about three weeks ago for Elizabeth now age three and she has finally got it right before her 3rd birthday. She doesn't like peeing in the panties. We put a diaper on for bed time and it's 50:50 whether it is wet in the morning. Don't panic, some of the Pennsyltukians in town haven't potty trained their kids by the time they go to school!

Shauna said...

Kids learn best at their own pace, and I don't think it's good to rush potty training if they resist.
There is a Montessori daycare in our area that requires toddlers to be completely trained at 20 months to attend!
I think that's ridiculous, and I'm not sure it would be healthy for a child that young to receive a negative reaction if (and more likely, WHEN) they have an accident.
I recall it taking my daughter a few months before she was comfortable with the potty -- and at her daycare, the ECEs were willing to get their hands dirty and gave lots of positive encouragement.
Good luck, it sounds like Seth is ready (Deirdre used to float Cheerios in her potty, and would get pretty upset when we tried to empty it!)

deb said...

i don't even think that at 20 months the child is even aware of the feeling of when it's time to use the potty.
we're taking seth's lead on this one: if he's interested we'll do as much encouragement as we can muster and give him all the stickers he wants to put on his potty! some days he's more ready than others... probably another 2-3monts and then we'll give it a full day's attention.