Monday, March 20, 2006

Now that March Break is finally over things can get back to normal around here. I think Seth watched "The Iron Giant" about 50 times(I'd highly recommend watching it(if you liked The Incredibles you'll like it)- even if you're an adult- it's one of the best animated films ever!), and Ella spent a couple nights with Gramma and Poppa. I also introduced her to the delicate application of collage art:

(yes, Paul is wearing a loaf of bread for a hat. I did the cutting and believe it or not, Ella placed everything where she wanted it.)

I’ve also been busy working on our hallway while Derek is busy with the basement. The wallpaper in the hall was stripped o, so long ago and now it’s onto the trim. There are 8- yes, 8 doorways. That’s a whole lotta trim. One door and frame was completed sometime last year and I’m not even sure we posted about it then or not… anyways, I’ve been using the trusty heat gun. O, how I wish we had some of Greg’s Faeries!!!

I’m trying to get all the lower bits done before I have to drag a chair or ladder out. The picture is of our front door and to the right is heading into the living room. So far I’ve been at it since Friday and it’ll probably be this coming Friday when it’s all stripped. After the paint is all stripped, I hope to get the denatured alcohol out and get the last little bits of paint off. We’re currently hoping that somewhere here in BC we can get some peel away stripper- the last layer of paint is very gooey.

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Nick said...

Looking good, Deb. It's a different experience for me now looking at your pictures, seeing as we've been there in person. I can say "Oh, the front door, I remember where that is!"