Monday, May 29, 2006


Bathroom vanity that is. I started the bathroom vanity on the weekend. I have the face frame built and I'm ready to start on the doors. I used morise and tenon joints, this is the first time I've built anything this way. It's a challenge, and I learned somethings I'll use when building the doors. It's best to mortise with some extra material, then cut it off when you're done, otherwise, the narrow side is easily broken off. I bought a swan neck chisel as well, for cleaning out the bottom of the mortises. Not having a proper wood shop makes it all the more difficult, I don't have a vise, so I'm constantly clamping the pieces to the table. I built a sled for the tablesaw, so I can crosscut some of the larger pieces. It's just a piece of plywood, that fits in the grooves on the table of the saw, and hold the wood square to the blade. A couple more weeks, and we should have a bathroom vanity downstairs. We need to find an undermount sink, and then I can start on the concrete countertops.

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