Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rejuvenation Visitation

We haven't done too much on the house, because we haven't been home. It was spring break up here in Canada, so we drove down to California, and took the kids to Disneyland, as well as visit my Dad for a few days. On the return trip we had a chance to stop in Portland, and Rejuvenation Hardware. I was impressed, it was even nicer than I thought it would be. They had a full range of furniture, and a large salvage section as well. We only ended up getting some door stops, and a couple of coat hooks for the kids. We wanted to get a light, but couldn't decide on what we wanted, with the kids going to close to expensive vases, etc. So I guess we'll have to make another trip, or we could just order it. It just seems like so much more fun to go down there. It's a 5 hour drive, but it we go on a long weekend, and visit the Oregon Coast as well, then it would be worth it.

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