Thursday, July 5, 2007

Linen Closet Door

We put the door back on the linen closet tonight. We ended up painting the hinges, and latch. They were brass plated originally, so I figured they'd rust eventually. They're made in Sweden, and I thought they were solid brass, I didn't even know they made brass plated hardware back then. We have to paint the screw heads with a small artist's brush to finish it off. It probably needs at least one more coat of varnish as well. The cranky construction cat was inspecting my work. I think he likes the hallway, it's a little cooler in there. Now we need to finish our bedroom door, since it's off right now. It's mostly stripped, then I need to sand and varnish it. I boiled the hardware tonight, so it's mostly stripped too. The bathroom door is the next one, that one will be tricky to strip. We have a bathroom in the basement as well, so it is possible to take it off. The kids are too young to care anyways, they'll just use it without the door. A couple more coats of varnish, then touch up all the paint (I think I'll just do another coat), and then it'll be done.


This Old Erie House said...

Your project is really looking good. I love the cat. He looks like he wants to take credit for all the work.

Trissa said...

Looking great- I love the varnish!