Saturday, June 30, 2007

Progress Pics

Trim is currently being stained. This is the bathroom and dining room doors, I took the 2 corner pieces off, because I couldn't fix the plaster without taking them off. I didn't want to take off all the trim, since it's a little brittle.

View down the hall, the pantry door is currently taken off for stripping and varnishing. The butterfly hinges say they're made in Sweden.

Painted heat vent and door stop from Rejuevenation Hardware. There's a lot of sapwood in this piece of trim. The trim was originally faux bois (painted wood pattern), I could see some of it on the grate. Must have looked crazy with the grate painted to look wood.

The framing, plumbing and electrical are done on the powder room. I had a couple scary moments plumbing, I was using a piece of metal for a heat shield, and still managed to lit the joist on fire. It went out easy enough, the pipe was so tight in there, I couldn't get a piece of drywall behind it. The electrical went pretty smoothly, I still have to get a fan, it's wired, so I can put it in when I'm ready. It seems like it'll be a little difficult to vent though. Should start drywalling tomorrow, or the next day.


This Old Erie House said...

That looks great! Your a getting things done which is so hard to do when summer comes and there is so much more fun things to do. I'm following your powder room progress as we have a toilet hooked up in our basement without any walls. There is a shower curtain hanging around it. That's how it was when we bought the house and we don't use it so we just left it. I'd like to make it a powder room, too.

derek said...

Well at least the plumbing is already there, you just have to frame around it, and add a sink.