Saturday, February 23, 2008

Basement Footing

Here's a photo of the floor broken up. There was a 4x4 column at the end of the beam that I took out. There's a jackpost helping to hold up the floor. It's just a precaution, there's another 6x6 column 3' down the beam, and another about 2' down the joist. The 4x4 post didn't have a footing, it was on a 2x6, and it was there for a long time, it was there before the floor was painted, so probably when the floor started sagging, a few years after the house was built. I'm putting in an 18"x18"x8" footing in for a 6x6 post. I have some extra fir posts, the one beside of it will be unecessary as well, so I can use that one. I have to jack up the floor about 2", to level the living room.

The construction cat got his paws in the pudding again, that's the second time he's stepped in wet concrete. I trowelled them out, not that it matters much, since it's just he wall to my workshop. I used the 6000psi concrete, it's about 2x as strong, so it should be cured enough in a couple weeks, that I can jack on it, then we can build a wall along that side of the stairs.

Here's the view from our deck today. I was out in the backyard with Seth. You can see the Lion's beside the tree. The neighbour's house is in the pic too. It was one of the nicest days we've had this year.

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Sandy said...

It is absolutely essential that you have that paw-stamp of approval on all construction work! LOL