Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stubborn Stucco

Well after 4 days work, the stucco is off 95% of the front of the house. I didn't have enough energy to finish it yesterday. Today the weather turned, so I didn't get to do any work outside, it was the first significant rain in over 4 weeks. Yesterday was a really hard day, and my muscles are still aching, some parts were more difficult than others, taking stucco off from a ladder isn't fun. Scaffolding is necessary for next year's part of the project, working on the gable sections. There used to be a planter under the bedroom window as well, so we'll be building those as well, I might just build the corbels then do the planters this winter. I have quite a bit of cedar left over from other projects, so I'll be using cedar. I think getting the stucco off is about half of the project. I have to take out all the shingles with the holes from when insulation was blown in. Quite a few nails came out as we were removing the stucco, there's still a lot there though. I got the material for the watertable last night, so hopefully I can do that tomorrow morning. I need some dry weather so I can prime the siding for the bottom left side. I could do it in the garage, it would be tight, since it's really full with scrap wood right now. Looks like we're going to have a busy summer finishing off the front, now that it's been exposed. And there's still the stucco on the ceiling of the porch and two small walls.


Jayne said...

Wow, that's a LOT of work. I'm taking cedar shingles off of my house to expose the original clapboards underneath. I think stucco would be much harder to remove. Looks like the roofing shovel's working well, though.

sarah said...

It looks so great, though. I'm sure your house is thanking you for taking off that awful stuff!

Derek said...

Jayne - Yeah it is a lot of work. Your house looks so much better without the shingles, they don't suit the style.

Sarah - we think it looks great too, it's at an awkward stage, I'm sure not everyone can see the potential.