Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh what a feeling, when there's stucco on the ceiling.

Well it's kind of the opposite actually, I don't know who in their right mind would stucco a ceiling. I thought it would be easier to remove, I thought with gravity, it would just fall down. I guess they used extra nails or something, it took me a whole day to remove this ceiling section.

Here`s a picture with most of it off, I did eventually get it off. It rained when I was taking it off, so it was good to be working under cover anyways. I put the light up again temporarily, that was the best light we could afford when we were redoing the wiring, we`ll be getting a new one, as soon as we can afford it. There are a couple holes on the ceiling where the original light used to be, they should be easy enough to fill. The ceiling is douglas fir bevel board, that needs to be stripped. We`re going to strip and stain the supports, and paint the ceiling.

I finished this small section on the back today as well, with garage and the stairs in the way, it was a little difficult to remove. I was careful, but I dented the handrail a little bit. We got a bin the other day, and it`s just over half full, there`s a little bit left on the driveway, then we`ll be done with stucco for this year. I started prepping the siding for the front, I`m using a wood preservative, and back priming it. Hopefully I`ll get the siding up tomorrow.

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