Friday, January 2, 2009

Stucco Removal 2008

Here's the house with the stone work on the front, and most of it's stucco. This was about 2 years ago when we started removing the stucco.

Here's a similar angle now, well in the summer, there's over 30cm of snow on the ground now. This year we're going the tackle the sides, the back is already done. We need to rent scaffolding to do the top, I think I'll start the bottom with just the ladder though. Hopefully we'll get new windows this year as well, at least for the front. Another summer without windows that open in the living room, not the best. I need to finish the draintile on the front, so we can finish the fence too. It's kind of pointless having a partially fenced in front yard. We want to turn most of our driveway in to vegetable garden, we need to get the stucco off, and the garage finished first. The garage will be our next big project. It has a wood floor, and it's sinking towards the back. It's really close to the property line, so I don't think the city would let us rebuild in the same place, so we'll have to restore the existing garage.
We've almost been in the house for 5 years now, we've done a lot of work, we still have a long ways to go though. I think 2009 will be another good year.


Michelle said...

Hello. I'm looking to do something similar for my 1906 house that has been mercilessly stuccoed. Can you give me an idea of how much the stucco removal and new siding cost?

Thanks so much!

Derek said...

Hi Michelle, we did the stucco removal ourselves, so no idea on the labour. I only replaced the siding at the front on the bottom, I think it was about $250. The shingles are around $200 per box, and that would cover less than 100 sq. ft with the reveal on our shingles. I only used them for repair, so I'm still using the original box. the new shingles are thicker, so I need to cut a couple inches off the bottom. They are pre-primed, so you need to re-prime your cuts.