Sunday, January 4, 2009

Woodwork Projects 2008

This was the first woodwork project that I completed last year. This made the other 2 projects a lot easier to do. As well as all the other woodworking projects we have planned. I wanted to add an end vice, I haven't done that yet though.

This was the second project of the year, an armoire for Ella's room. It's all made out of pine, we didn't want to spend too much on wood. I was still a lot more than an Ikea one would have cost though, which makes you wonder where Ikea gets it's wood. It's finished with danish oil.

It has shelves on on side and hangers on the other side.

The third project was the table that I made for my mom. It's made of Western Red Cedar, all 2x6's. I finished it with Sikkens Cetol 123.

Here it is on her patio. I'm sure it'll see some use this summer.

The forth project is the outdoor couch. I haven't finished it, it's ready to assemble though. It's too big to assemble in the basement and bring outside. I have to wait until the summer, so I can finish it outside. A friend of ours is going to make the cusions for us. It all Western Red Cedar as well, and we're going to finish it with Sikkens Cetol 123. It's going to be nice to relax on, on our deck next summer (between bouts of stucco removal I'm sure).

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niartist said...

Love the outdoor bench. We're in Niagara Falls, NY and I'm having the same issues - so many projects that I would like to do, but have to complete outside - and as you know, weather impedes. Great blog - I have a bungalow too, so it's nice to find all of these bungalow blogs today.