Saturday, January 3, 2009

Working on the Workshop

Here's the stairwell to the shop. I finished drywalling it, and it's got a coat of paint on it now. The top is plaster that isn't in very good condition. I'm going to have to use plaster washers to resecure it. I'm going to trim it out with rough cedar, to give it kind of a rough look.

I've been drywalling the shop, and moved the bench I use for power tools. The table top is cut to fit in this niche. It's attached to a ledger at the back, and to the cabinet. I'm going to build shelves on both sides, and above. Hopefully it's going to be more organized.

Here's the wall on the other side, that I haven't finished yet. I have to change some of the plumbing so I can finish drywalling the one wall. I ran out of Tuck Tape too, and I didn't feel like going out in the snow again. I'm going to build shelves, and places to hand all my hand tools, like chisels and planes.

There was a wall build about 2' in front of the chimney, so I removed that, and continued the wall along beside the chimney. The 2' was kind of wasted space, so I reclaimed it for the shop.

This shows the corner by the stairwell. We're going to store paint under the stairs, to free up more space in the shop. It's separated from the furnace now, so hopefully less dust in the furnace. I want to get a better dust collection system than the shop-vac, eventually.

It been taking a long time to work on the shop, there's no place to put everything while working, so it's been a juggling act. Hopefully I can start on the shelving and organizing, it'll be nice to finally have some organization.

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